Dipali Patel


Dipali firmly believes Yoga is a form of lifestyle and a state of constant awareness where the mind and body are in a union. She became a Yoga teacher in 2014 after finishing 18 months teacher training course at Yoga Niketan, Gujarat, India. In 2015 she passed the International Yoga Teacher Certification exam administered by the Ministry of Aayush, Government of India to be one of the first 200 Yogis in India to have received this honor. On top of this, she has been practicing yoga for the past 24 years. She has been trained in BKS Iyenger’s style of yoga as well as traditional Ashtanga Yoga. She has also received certification in guided imagination meditation and self-hypnosis by Dr. Palan in Gujarat and she is also proficient in the Reiki technique. Dipali believes Yoga as a perfect way to rejuvenate and reawaken one’s mental and physical self. She has experience in teaching classes in the Vinayasa, Alignment BKS Iyenger style, Ashtang Yoga, Hath Yoga, Restorative, Pranayama-Meditation and Self Hypnosis. She hasworked in a State Women’s Rehabilitation Center, Vadodara, India and volunteered her time at agirl’s orphanage since 2015 as a yoga teacher. She was also a personal Yoga instructor in India and since 2017 she has worked at various Yoga studio’s in San Marcos, Texas. You can expect her sessions to be fun and refreshing that are suitable for Yogis of all backgrounds.