Estelle Saba


My name is Estelle Saba. I am from Lima, Peru. I am a Creative and an admirer of the literary, visual, and performing arts. I will be graduating Fall 2020 from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance. I enjoy sharing that which brings me light with the people of my community.

Yoga, dance, and candle making are some activities that allow me to channel my creativity and identify that light. I am drawn to the transparency and authenticity required to teach. Through mindful practices I align myself. It is only though that alignment that I
harmonize with the rest of the world. As an instructor my goal is to facilitate my students finding of that center for themselves.

StillStell is a project I began during the quarantine. During a time of instability, uncertainty, and noise, I channeled my energies elsewhere. Patience, and presence drew me to the making of candles. It is indeed a scentsi process and one that grounds me. A portion of the proceeds from my StillStell Scentsis go toward helping our homeless brothers and sisters in Texas shine through. Be still, still move.