Studio Policies

Studio Rules

  • Please arrive before the start time of class. Doors will be locked within 5 minutes of class beginning to ensure personal items are safe. 
  • The yoga room is heated up to 105 degrees depending on the class.  Almost all classes are heated to some degree (get it – degree).
  • Cell phones must be silent and dark throughout class (screen down) – if the lobby isn’t staffed during class the door will be locked, so feel free to leave your phone in the lobby.
  • Yoga mats, yogi toes, and towels are available if needed.
  • Everyone must sign the studio waiver before participating in class.


Doors will be open 15-30 minutes before class.  Doors are locked shortly after the start time of each class.

Before Class Begins

  • Be in the yoga room and ready to begin before the scheduled start time.
  • Inform your instructor of any health issues before taking a class.
  • No shoes in the studio (unless your class calls for them), please leave your shoes in the designated area in the lobby.
  • Enter the studio with your mat, towels, water, and any other of our provided approved props.

Once Class Starts

  • Please be respectful of teachers and other students during class. Make sure your phone is silent and dark and do not reply to any texts.  
  • Do your very best to stay in the studio once class begins. If you leave a heated class, the teacher cannot keep you safe if you’re outside of their view.
  • Yoga mats are required for yoga classes.

After Class

  • Leave the room quietly. Be respectful of other yogis enjoying their savasana. Return mats and/or towels in the spaces provided.

What happens if I’m late?

  • The doors will be locked shortly after the class starts. It is up to the teacher’s discretion whether you will be allowed in class. Some classes are highly disciplined with a warm up that is required. Please do not knock on the door – as this can be disruptive to the teacher and students if class is in session.  A sign will be posted on the door once class is in session.

Returns and Refunds

  • Unlimited monthly memberships require a 30 day written cancellation notification.  This can be done via email or via handwritten letter delivered at the studio.
  • A full refund is offered to pay as you go (drop in) bookings if canceled 24 hours before class is scheduled to begin. 
  • Pay as you go (drop in) booking will not be refunded if canceled less than 24 hours before class time.
  • All sales are final. Cancellations may be applied to future classes and workshops.


  • All Single classes, Class Passes, Unlimited Monthly, Unlimited Yearly, Workshops and Teacher Trainings are non-transferable.

Class Passes

  • Class Passes may be used on a friend or family members that the class pass holders discretion, but the class pass holder must be present.
  • Class Passes do not have an expiration date.

Intro Special

  • Our intro special give you seven days of unlimited classes for $30 so you can try any and all of our classes if you like.
  • These are limited to 1 purchase per client.
  • The 7 days does not start until the data of your first booking.


  • Auto-debits are billed on a monthly recurring basis.
  • Unlimited Yearly memberships begin on the date of purchase, not the date you take your first class.

Lost and Found

  • Body Shop Movement Studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the studio.
  • If you think you may have left something behind, please let us know.  Call or send us an email and we’ll have a look around for you.

Medical Disclaimer

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your physician before participating in any group exercise.  Use your own best judgement when it comes to your own physical health.  All Body Shop classes can be modified to work best for you.  Please listen to your body and do what feel best for you.